Sailing “over the sea to Skye” as expressed in the historic Skye Boat Song, encapsulates the magic of arriving at this beautiful Island from the sea.Centuries later, a sea voyage is still the best way to soak in the incredible scenery and atmosphere of this very special island, however our guests enjoy luxury hospitality and a gourmet menu delivered by our crew.

Skye is a large island with many iconic places to visit and is very popular with visitors, which can sometimes lead to access problems and battling with crowds.  However, our vessel and guests, arriving from the sea, are often the only visitors on our anchorages and shore excursions, with stunning scenery, evocative history and rare wildlife all around.

During any cruise around Skye, at least 60 seabird species are spotted, often many more. White-tailed eagles & puffins are usually seen, often multiple times, with golden eagles fairly frequent sightings. Porpoise, dolphins and minke whales are also spotted on almost every cruise as are red deer and otters, The very rare sightings include orca, sunfish and other types of whales such as humpback and fin whales. You have to be out in these waters to strike lucky!