Rum, “isle of the ridge”, is one of the Small Isles of the Inner Hebrides. 

 As you come into anchor off the Isle of Rum, then take a moment to look at the amazing landscape and imagine Kinloch Castle in it’s former glory when it was completed in 1902. It’s original function was as an opulent hunting lodge. Commissioned by George Bullough, building started in 1897. You can still see the taxidermy and furnishings through some of the windows. It is hoped that the castle will open for tours again this summer.

The benefits of having your cruise is that you are not limited by the ferry timetable. You can explore to your hearts content or sit and watch for eagles, deer or manx sheerwater. Don’t forget to pack some midge deterrent so you are not overly bothered by a visit from the small biting variety. 

The Cuillins of Rum, one of the most memorable views on the west coast of Scotland. Rum’s rugged mountainous landscape offers great opportunities for walking. It is rough terrain so if you are feeling up to a more strenuous hike then make sure you are fully prepared for around 13 miles of ascent & descent. Although not at quite the altitudes of the Skye Cullins, there are still many fantastic vistas to enjoy on a clear day. If you are looking for a more gentle walk then try out the nature trail or just pop to the craft shop and tea rooms at Kinloch.

If you are lucky then you might catch a glimpse of the famous ‘Rum Ponies’ as well as some of the other amazing wildlife known to use the island as home.